until 6 May 2012 | Rotary Foyer

In commemoration of ANZAC Day 2012 Expressions is hosting an exhibition by two Wellington artists, Lucy Jerram Moore and Judi Jenkins.

War Cry comprises artworks by Lucy Jerram Moore and presents her personal impressions of New Zealand's involvement in World War One. Through paint, textile work and assemblage, she explores many themes including loss and grief, absence, separation and distance, counting, recording, codes and communication.

Judi Jenkins works Letters Home are based on correspondence from her Father in Law, David Sutherland Jenkins who served with the 23rd Battalion from 1940 to 1944 in the Western Dessert, Italy and Europe.

David was a prolific writer, corresponding regularly with his sister Jenny, brother Harvey and father Dave who were home for the duration of the War running the family farm.

Having read the letters, drawing on the history and emotions of the times, Jenkins has endeavored to create a series of paintings and assemblage that capture the mood.