1 August - 20 September 2015 | Golden Homes Gallery

Come and make some noise! This hands on interactive exhibition especially for children uncovers fascinating facts about sound, the science behind making it and the art of music.

Did you know that about 100 muscles must all work together so we can say this one sentence? Uncover more fascinating facts about sound, the science behind making it, and have a go at playing some unconventional instruments. Sounds Amazing engages hands, eyes and ears. How musicians get notes from string, wind or percussion instruments is revealed by strumming giant harps, striking gamelans, playing slap-a-phone (bongo pipes), or tickling the ivories of a giant keyboard. The exhibition is highly engaging for children and enables them to explore concepts relating to the science of sound including sound production and how sound travels. Children and adults enjoy playing with the weird and wonderful instruments in this fun and hand on exhibition.

Toured by Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science and History