9 February - 13 March 2017 | Rotary Foyer

No Boundaries reflects the personal journey of two Hutt Valley artists Loes Reitsma and Fiona Thomas, who both returned to New Zealand after traumatic, but very different losses. These paintings express two women's commitment to resettle and develop themselves.

For Loes Reitsma, as a Dutch migrant missing her homeland, No Boundaries expresses her struggle to feel she belongs in New Zealand. Secure in the knowledge that the vast ocean touches both shores, now she finds solace in seascapes. The realisation she could sail from one homeland to the other is a comfort, helping her find her feet back here. Her seascapes reflect this transition, first looking towards t6he horizon, and the latter being grounded like a piece of driftwood.

After living abroad for many years, Fiona Thomas came to realise that the boundaries she experienced on her return were all manmade. Whether physical, psychological or cultural she felt these had to be challenged in order to move forward. Her paintings contain blended figures, symbolic of herself and family, into both familiar and new environments. She believes that while distance and differences exist, boundaries are superficial and love, can override these constraints.

They like to work spontaneously, quickly and passionately within their mediums. Loes works in oils, Fiona in acrylics. Both enjoy experimenting with paint. Ideas and motivations are derived from drawings, photos and their personal experiences.