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Thursday 2 August | 8pm
Friday 3 August | 8pm
Saturday 4 August | 4pm
Sunday 4 August | 4pm
Thursday 9 August | 8pm
Friday 10 August | 8pm
Saturday 11 August | 4pm
Sunday 12 August | 4pm


Our second show for 2012 is a New Zealand Premiere! It's a mystery/drama called 'For the Good of the Family' by George Douglas Lee, directed by Murray Ingram. The play is about a family in the American Midwest coming together for their first family event after the passing of their disabled daughter and sibling. Each surviving family member has their own theory of what happened. Over the course of the play the 'shadow' of the dead girl and her mysterious death looms ever larger over the family, stretching everyone's nerves to breaking point. How did she die? Was it just natural causes? What is the truth? Will the family cope with finding out?

The play is set in the modest lounge/dining room of Jack and Virginia Taylor. Jack (played by Doc Murray) is a loveable old grump with a fixed outlook on life where everyone has their function and duty. He spends most of his time firmly planted in his favourite chair letting everyone know what his opinion is on everything - whether they want to know it or not! His wife, Virginia (Helen Chesterman), is the true head of the family (just don't tell that to Jack). She is the glue that holds the family together and an eternal peacemaker, valiantly trying to keep the family together after the traumatic event. Kitty (Gisela Parker), the long-serving European maid, has seen the family go through good times and bad and knows that this time will be no different. She's the one person who isn't afraid to let Jack know exactly what she thinks of his overly conservative world views! Things hot up when Travis (Ethan Mooney), Jack and Virginia's oldest son, an artist trying to get his parents' approval arrives with his wife, Lee (Catherine Murray) who has some very special news to share. Added to the mix is Tracy (Ashleigh Dixon), the youngest sibling and a real livewire and rebel who has returned home from school for the mid-term break and just wants to break free. And then there is a poor old Bryan Crabbe (Stephen Fletcher) who never has a positive word to say and bears the weight of the world on his shoulders.

The Studio | Ward Street | Upper Hutt

Tickets Adult $18 | Concession, Children & Groups of 10+ $15