Little Dog Barking Theatre Company presents


Tuesday 2 October 2012 | 11am, 1pm & 3pm

Little Kowhai is a magical story of how things grow. Children in the audience plant a seed, green shoots begin to appear and Little Kowhai Tree begins her journey of growing up.

Children in the audience meet Little Kowhai's friends. Friends who help her grow such as Sun, Moon and Rain. Worm, who looks after the soil around Little Kowhai's roots. Bee and Tui who work hard looking after Little Kowhai's blossom, and Ruru, the Morepork, who guards Little Kowhai during the night.

The story is told and sung in both English and Te Reo. Worm and Tui take the children on a wonderful journey to discover the colours, textures, sounds and creatures of Little Kowhai's growing.

Full of music, sounds, song and action, Little Kowhai is a wonderful introduction to theatre for young children, performed in the intimacy of the Genesis Energy Theatre. Little Kowhai is not only entertaining, it is also a great learning experience for young audiences.

Suitable age: 2-7 years


Genesis Energy Theatre

All tickets $10.50