Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre presents

Michael Houstoun, piano


Monday 16 April | 7.30pm

In 1741 Baron von Keyserlinck, the Russian ambassador to the Saxon court, and an insomniac, commissioned J S Bach to write a set of variations for his young protégé, the harpsichordist, Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, to play during sleepless nights. Musicologists now believe that Bach had already composed the piece a couple of years earlier but presented it as ‘new’ to his patron. Aside from this, the ‘Goldberg’ Variations stand out as one of the most moving journeys in all music. The Six Tone Clock Pieces by Jenny McLeod were commissioned by Michael Houstoun to complete her series of 24 Tone Clock Pieces begun in 1988. The term 'tone clock' refers to a chromatic harmonic theory pioneered in the early 1980s by the Dutch composer, Peter Schat.

Jenny McLeod  Six Tone Clock Pieces

J S Bach's 'Goldberg' Variations


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Genesis Energy Theatre

Tickets Adult $40 | Friends, Piano Club and Music Society Concession $35 | Student $15