Capital E presents


Tuesday 23 April | 10am, 11.30am & 1pm

From a museum basement comes Ivy, a cleaning lady on a mission to save the dinosaurs from extinction.

Her humble wheels may look like a cleaning cart, but just wait and see where - and when! - that time-travelling trolley is about to take you.  Join this heroine of hygiene as she takes you on a whirlwind trip through history.

From a clash with Cleopatra to schmoozing with Shakespeare, and even a detour to the moon - this quirky queen of clean lets nothing distract her from her mission to save the dinosaurs from certain extinction.

Written and performed by Jennifer Martin. Directed by Kerryn Palmer. Score by Garth Farr

Suitable Age: 5+

Duration: 50 minutes

Genesis Energy Theatre

All tickets: $10.50