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Sunday 8 September | 2pm

(2012) Brazil, comedy, 103 minutes

This road movie is a poetical and fun portrayal of the simple things in life through the eyes of three characters with Down Syndrome.

Marcio, Aninha and Stallone love movies and communicate using famous movie quotes, the result of many years working at the video library of the institution where they have always lived.  One day, inspired by the fiml 'Thelma & Louise', they decide to run away from the insititute in search of their dreams: Stallone wants to see the sea, Ana looks for a husband, and Marcio needs to fly.  With a stolen VQ Karmaan Ghia, they travel from São Paulo (Brazil) to Buenos Aires (Argentina), embarking on several adventures as if life was just a movie.

Featuring music by Brazilian rock composer, singer, songwriter Raul Seixas, known as the "Father of Brazilian Rock" and "Maluco Beleza" (literally translated as "Crazy Cool").

Awards: Best Film - Audience Award, Trieste Latin Film Festival and São Paulo International Film Festival. Best Film, Best Art Direction and Special Commendation, Gramada Film Festival, Brazil. Best Film, International Disability Film Festival Breaking Down Barriers, Moscow, Russia. Best Film and Special Commendation, Festin, Portugal.

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Genesis Energy Theatre

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