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Sunday 8 September | 8pm

(2008) Peru, drama, 91 minutes

The film explores the world of a wealthy family burdened by their dysfunctional tendencies and indulgent lifestyles. 

The family head, Augustin, falls for beautiful, seductive and much younger Elisa, who is desperately trying to escape her former life of poverty. Predictably, Elisa's arrival is met with great displeasure by Austustin's spoilt daughter Andrea who, rebelling against her opulent up-bringing, appears as an object of desire and fascination throughout the film.

Andrea's brother Diego, who is obsessed with his sister, also rebels against is father's wishes to assume the reigns of his business and struggles to overcome his incestuous drives. 

The film is a cynical account of the decadence and hypocrisy of a dominant class, acting like gods on Olympus, and believing they can have it all, regardless of the rules and morality, but above all regardless of themselves and others.

Awards: Best Film - Winner of the "Golden Sun" for the Best Director in the Biarritz International Film Festival.

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