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Saturday 7 September | 2pm

(1998) Spain, drama, 147 minutes

Asturias, at the turn of the 20th century. Don Rorigo de Artista Potestad, the Count of Albrit, Senor de Jerusa y de Polán, is an eccentric aristocrat who thought he knew what honour was.  That is, until he returns from the Americas old, ruined and nearly blind.  On his arrival he discovers a bitter secret: one of his two nieces - Nelly and Dolly - is illegitimate, and does not carry the noble blood of his family.  This touching film makes an incredible print on the emotions, adding humour at just the right times.

Awards: Academy Award nominee Best Foreign Language Film in 1999. Fernando Fernán-Gómez won Goya Award as Best Actor.

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