Latin American Film Festival presents


Sunday 8 September | 11am

(2011) Cuba, drama/kids, 95 minutes

The film depicts a view of everyday Cuban life through the eyes of Mayito, a young student and child of a wealthy jazz musician.  When he gets lost during a May Day Celebration he discovers a new and exciting world, so close, yet so far from his own.

This is a very picturesque film, with a simple story, but one that is universal.  It has just the right amount of emotion to make us laugh and cry.  It promptly reminds us of the divide that can be between different Cuban families, of the many "Havanas" contained within one city.  It is perfect for children - not only Cubans, but of the world - and for adults, as it makes us consider that there is more in life than material things.

Awards & Festivals: Cuba's official entry to the Oscars 2012. Best Film - Traverse City Film Festival, Michigan.  Glauber Road and UNICEF Awartds - Havana Internaional Film Festival.  Audience Award - Marsella, Cuenca and Lima International Film Festival.  Best Ficton Film - 19thy Children's Film Festival, Guayana City. Children Children & Adult Jury Award. International Film Festival for Children and Youth (FICI). Opera Prima Award Association of Entertainment Critics of New York (ACE).

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