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Saturday 7 September | 8pm

(2008) Uruguay, drama/comedy, 107 minutes

Jacob van Oppen - formerly "the strongest man on earth", now a washed-up alcoholic - and his crafty manager, Orsini, make a good money staging bogus wrestling matches in small South American towns.  When this oddball duo arrives in the unassuming village of Santa Maria, business really takes off: the local newspaper sponsors the fight, and the quiet hamlet becomes plastered with posters announcing an open challenge to a worthy adversary.  The ever-resourceful Orsini is sure he can find the right opponent to throw the fight, but fishing in Santa Maria yields a bigger catch he'd hoped for.

Based on the book "Jacob y el Otro" by renowned Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti.

Awards & Festivals: Offical Selection Cannes Festival 2009 - Critics Week, Best Actor - 24th International Film Festival, Mar del Plata. Best Artistic Director - Gijon Film Festival, Spain, amongst over 20 other awards internationally.

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