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Thursday 5 September | 6pm

(2004) Chile, drama/war, 100 minutes

Two bands of rival soldiers discover they have more in common than they ever imagined. Rodrigo Rojas is a private in the Chilean Army who is called into action when a border dispute flares up with Argentina. Rojas and his fellow soldiers get lost when their compass proves faulty, and they end up in Patagonia without any idea if they're on Chilean or Argentinean soil. As the Chileans set up base, they discover a group of Argentinian soldiers waiting in a trench less than a football field away, but suddenly neither side is sure just what to do.

This film was inspired by an actual border skirmish between Chile and Argentina in 1978.

Awards: Best Film, Spain & Latin American Festival, Brussels Belguien, 2005.  Best screenplay, Cartagena International Film Festival, Colombia, 2006.  TVE Award, Latin American Film Festival Lleyda, Spain 2006.  Isoltel Eilat Film Festival, Israel, 2006.

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