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Friday 6 September | 8pm

(2011) Ecuador, drama, 96 minutes

Blanquito is 30 years old and lives with his mother in a fisherman village on the coast of Ecuador.

A shipment of cocaine miraculously washes up on the beach one day, giving him the opportunity to finally leave the village in search of his father (a well-known politician) and a better life.

Following a Colombian woman who supposedly has contacts to sell the drugs, Blanquito soon learns that things are not what they seem and that he will never truly belong anywhere.

Based on the novel "Confessions de un pescador de coca", by Juan Fernando Andrade and shot in the village where the drugs were actually found.

Awards & Festivals: Coral Award for Best Actor - Havana Film Festival; Best Actor (for Andres Crespo) Colombia al 100% - Cartagena International Film Festival;  Best Actor (Andres Crespo) & Best Director - Guadalajara International Film Festival.

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