Positive Aging Week 2014 & Expressions presents

Guided tour - WW1: Tracing the Footsteps from Trentham

Tuesday 23 September | 3pm

WWI: Tracing the Footsteps from Trentham tells the story of the World War 1 Military Training Camp in Trentham that turned New Zealand civilians into fighting men. Over 55,000 men trained at Trentham Camp earning this Camp a special a place in the hearts of many New Zealanders and in the official history of the war. This exhibition pays tribute to the role the Camp played in shaping those men who became New Zealand’s heroes of The Great War. Follow their journey from the tents and training fields of Trentham to the trails and trauma of war.

For Positive Ageing Week, Director of Expressions Leanne Wickham will lead a guided tour though the exhibition, followed by complimentary tea and scones

The exhibition runs from 16 August - 3 October 2014

Golden Homes Gallery