4 - 7 September 2014

A selection of recent films from Argentina, Brazil , Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela. The Festival includes a wide range of genres, topics and styles, providing an opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves into the cultural and social aspects of the participating countries.


Gillies Group Theatre

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The Maid | La Nana

Thursday 4 September | 6pm

CHILE | 2009 | Comedy - Drama

Raquel, a very sharp and extremely introverted woman, has worked as a maid for the wealthy family, the Valdés, for over 23 years.

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It's not you, it's me | No sos vos, soy yo

Thursday 4 September | 8pm

ARGENTINA | 2004 | Comedy - Romance

Javier (Diego Peretti), a 30 years-old surgeon, and Maria (Soledad Villamil) live together. Discontent with life in Argentina, they plan to migrate to Miami in search for a better life.

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Simonal, no one knows how tough it was | Simonal, Ninguem sabe o duro que dei

Friday 5 September | 6pm

BRAZIL | 2009 | Documentry

The film shows the rise and fall of Wilson Simonal (1939-2000), singer and TV personality, considered Brazil’s first black pop superstar.

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Scent of an Oak | Roble de Olor

Friday 5 September | 8pm

CUBA | 2003 | Drama - Romance

In the early nineteenth century, Cuba is a Spanish colony and a slave society in which labour has been kidnapped in African lands and sold across the ocean to the Spanish and Creole landowners, like cattle. The ideas of emancipation of the Enlightenment and the French and American revolutions have also reached the Caribbean.

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The Tiger and the Deer | El Tigre y el Venado

Saturday 6 September | 11am

EL SALVADOR | 2013 | Documentry

The Story talks about “Don Chelino”, an old man of 103 years old, from Tacuba, Ahuachapán, El Salvador, who knows how to play the indigenous flute, called “pito de Carrizo”, which is the main musical instrument in the traditional dance “el tigre y el venado” (the tiger and the deer). The man teaches to a young man how the play the flute in order to maintain alive the tradition; at the same time, he tells to his apprentice the Story about the indigenous massacre in El Salvador, occurred in 1932, and that it was considered the most brutal repression act against the indigenous culture in El Salvador.

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In the Name of the Girl | En el Nombre de la Niña

Saturday 6 September | 2pm

ECUADOR | 2011 | Sad Comedy

En el Nombre de la Hija tells the story of a nine-year old girl whose name is in dispute. Manuela has been named after her socialist-atheist father, but her catholic-conservative grandmother insists she should carry the name the first daughters of the family have carried for generations: Dolores.

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In the middle of Heaven | En el Ombligo del Cielo

Saturday 6 September | 6pm

MEXICO | 2012 | Comedy

A young executive, Andrea, gets stuck during a weekend on the roof of the building where she works in the company of Gualberto, a cleaner. True castaways in a sea of concrete and glass, the characters reflect on their lives and their scale of values. The film sets out to show us that we are human beings with emotions and sensibilities that are common to us all, independent of social class. These feelings bring us closer to each other and allow us to grow.

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The Hidden Face | La Cara Oculta

Saturday 6 September | 8pm

COLOMBIA | 2011 | Thriller - Suspense

Adrian’s life, both professionally and personally, couldn’t be better: he has been appointed as the new conductor of the Bogota Symphony Orchestra and his relationship with his girlfriend, Belén, is in a good place. However, everything comes crashing down when Belén starts to doubt his fidelity and disappears.

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The Engineer | El Ingeniero

Sunday 7 September | 11am

URUGUAY | 2012 | Drama

15 years ago, when the Uruguayan national football team ran onto the field to compete in the final of the Copa America, their technical director, the Engineer Erramuspe, didn’t emerge from the change rooms.

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Undertow | Contracorriente

Sunday 7 September | 2pm

PERU | 2009 | Drama

In this unique surreal story set on the Peruvian seaside, a married fisherman struggles to reconcile his devotion to his male lover within his town's rigid traditions.

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Topsy-Turvy | Patas Arribas

Sunday 7 September | 6pm

VENEZUELA | 2011 | Family - Comedy - Drama

Two days in the life of a family scarred by the early death of the mother. In a small mountain town between the sea and the city, Renato (the father) teaches his six-year-old granddaughter the importance of the small things in life, the value of friendship and the respect towards other people’s views.

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Sleep Tight | Mientras Duermes

Sunday 7 September | 8pm

SPAIN | 2011 | Thriller

César is the doorkeeper of an apartment building and he would not change his job for any other, as it allows him to know the most intimate habits, the weak spots, secrets, and each and every movement of all the tenants. If he wanted to, he could even control their lives, influencing them as if he were God, and open up old wounds and rummage through them. And all this without raising any suspicions. Because César holds a very peculiar secret: he likes to cause harm, taking whatever steps necessary to hurt those around him.

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