Latin American Film Festival presents

It's not you, it's me | No Sos Vos, Soy Yo

Thursday 4 September | 8pm

ARGENTINA | 2004 | Comedy - Romance | 102 minutes | Spanish with English sub-titles

Javier (Diego Peretti), a 30 years-old surgeon, and Maria (Soledad Villamil) live together. Discontent with life in Argentina, they plan to migrate to Miami in search for a better life. Since Maria has a US residency, they hastily marry and she flies ahead to prepare the arrival of his husband. Meanwhile, he resigns his job, sells his car and apartment, and packs his things. But on the way to the airport he receives a call from Maria; she doesn't want him to come over anymore. She's involved with somebody else. From that moment the life of Javier falls apart, and then sinks into a state of depression after appealing strongly to both his psychologist and friends. In the pursuit of rebuilding his life again, Javier tries to set aside his most annoying personality traits and seeking out other women. Finally, he meets a young mother (Cecilia Dopazo) and begins to walk a different and better way. He is ready to live again.

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