Latin American Film Festival presents

Scent of an Oak | Roble de Olor

Friday 5 September | 8pm

CUBA | 2003 | Drama - Romance | 140 minutes | Spanish with English sub-titles

In the early nineteenth century, Cuba is a Spanish colony and a slave society in which labour has been kidnapped in African lands and sold across the ocean to the Spanish and Creole landowners, like cattle. The ideas of emancipation of the Enlightenment and the French and American revolutions have also reached the Caribbean.

In this environment of inconsistencies, enigmas, dreams and endless tragedies is that a black woman from Haiti and a German merchant star in the love story that fructified the richest coffee plantation in Cuba: Angerona.

During times of darkness, in a place characterized by intolerance and misunderstanding, the collusion of interests and absolute power, Ursula Lambert and Cornelio Souchay are more than the encounter of two cultures, two identities, two approaches to life. The story of an obsession and the hope of living in a better world.

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