Latin American Film Festival presents

Simonal, No One Knows How Tough It Was | Simonal - Ninguem sabe o duro que dei

Friday 5 September | 6pm

BRAZIL | 2009 | Documentary | 86 minutes | Portuguese with English sub-titles

The film shows the rise and fall of Wilson Simonal (1939-2000), singer and TV personality, considered Brazil’s first black pop superstar. A huge hit in the 1960s making music that combined bossa nova with influences of rock and jazz, Simonal sunk into oblivion after being accused of acting as an informant to the military government and betraying fellow artists. He spent years trying to prove his innocence, but his career never recovered. By telling the story of the talented and charismatic Simonal, this fascinating documentary offers a dramatic account of the Brazilian military regime that lasted from 1964 to 1985.

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