Latin American Film Festival presents

The Maid | La Nana

Thursday 4 September | 6pm

CHILE | 2009 | Comedy - Drama | 95 minutes | Spanish with English sub-titles

Raquel, a very sharp and extremely introverted woman, has worked as a maid for the wealthy family, the Valdés, for over 23 years. One day, her employer hires another maid in order to help her with the house duties. Rachel considers that the new maid will endanger not only her job position, but also her place in the family, so she bullies her in a very mean and childish way as intent to frighten her off, and it works. This situation happens every time a new maid is hired, until one day the family hires Lucy, a countryside lady that finally gets to pass through Raquel’s shield and makes her change the way of seeing life.

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