Latin American Film Festival presents

Topsy-Turvy | Patas Arribas

Sunday 7 September | 6pm

VENEZUELA | 2011 | Family - Comedy - Drama | 91 minutes | Spanish with English sub-titles

Two days in the life of a family scarred by the early death of the mother. In a small mountain town between the sea and the city, Renato (the father) teaches his six-year-old granddaughter the importance of the small things in life, the value of friendship and the respect towards other people’s views.

Renato has three children; Montserrat, his divorced and self-conscious daughter, who lovingly but firmly takes care of him. Anita who’s pregnant but has a failing marriage. And Salvador, the son who suffered the most with the loss of their mother.

Renato´s health is quickly deteriorating, so his daughters have decided to send him to a hospital against his will. But he has other plans. With the help of his granddaughter Carlota, he plans to escape and sail from Venezuela to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil, as he once promised to his deceased wife.

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