The Rotary Club of Heretaunga presents


Saturday 4 May 2019 | 9am - 5pm

Sunday 5 May 2019 | 9am - 3pm

Bookfest has now become an annual event for many avid readers, the young and not so young, keen to store up on books for the coming winter and at the same time make a contribution towards many worthwhile community projects within the Hutt Valley and internationally.

Since its inception in 1995 in May each year several thousand people gather to browse over some 100,000 books, magazines, games, tapes CD's and videos.

Bookfest is Heretaunga Rotary Club's major annual fundraising event. Many local businesses lend their support towards the organisatiopn of Bookfest resulting in a range of local commnunity groups directly benefiting from this combining of community resources.

The Professionals Recreation Hall

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