14 May - 5 July 2020 | Rotary Foyer

In an attempt to connect during lockdown Upper Hutt artist Rebecca Holden drew a 'portrait a day' during the 31 days of Level 4 lockdown. At the beginning of the lockdown period Rebecca reached out and invited people on Instagram and Facebook to send her a photo of themselves or a loved one that she could sketch and post on social media for them to see. Each day she would draw a portrait in her sketchbook using a brush pen and at the conclusion of her project had created 31 portraits. That was 31 interactions with people in New Zealand, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and around the world. Rebecca comments saying, "Connecting with people through this project was a joy. A wonderful outcome for an arts project that started as a personal challenge to help me get through a really unsettling period, and ended up being a means to connect with others through uncertain times."

This project is part of a series of exhibitions called 'Art Brings Us Closer', celebrating the way art can bring us closer...while being apart. Featuring local exhibitions and work made in lockdown, in response to Covid-19.