Henry Moreland Gore

UHPC 1/12, Oil, 445mm (h) x 545mm (w)

Harry Gore (1864 - 1930) was an original member of Nairn's group and long regarded as inseparable from the landscape of Silverstream. However, towards the end of his life he found new subject matter at Titahi Bay, a popular holiday spot an hour from Wellington. This view is from Bay Drive as it winds towards the Club Hotel run by the formidable Mrs Elizabeth Thornley. On the left is Cable Hut built in 1917 for the Wellington end of the telegraph cable between the South and North Islands. A contemporary review admired the painting's pastel shades of blue and gold, a popular choice of colours in the 1920s. These pale and muted colours perfectly reflect the languid feeling of long summer days at the beach.

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