Mary E. R. Tripe

UHPC 1/30, Oil, 215mm (h) x 290mm(w)

Mary (Molly) Tripe, nee Richardson (1870 - 1939) painted at Silverstream and Trentham for many years. But she had largely abandoned the area by the 1920s in favour of portraiture and extended trips overseas painting and exhibiting in England, France and Canada. The title of this sketchy image in Wellington Harbour near Red Rocks suggests it was exhibited overseas. It echoes Tripe's favourite themes of leisure and well-being, with slicks of red paint suggesting a turban worn by the fashionable woman in trousers. On returning from an overseas trip in 1928, Tripe was sufficiently alarmed at the state of Pumpkin Cottage to write about it and her memories of James Nairn, her former colleague at Wellington Technical School, in the new journal Art in New Zealand.

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