Latin American Film Festival


Sunday 6 September | 8pm

Country: Uruguay
Language: Spanish with English Subtitles
Genre: Drama
Length: 118 minutes
Release: 2011
Directed By: Cesar Charlone

Rated: M

In 1884, the famous Uruguayan painter Juan Manuel Blanes is commissioned to recover the face of a legend. Blanes must imagine what Jose Artigas looked like by reading up on his ideas and learning about hhis life. Amongst the different materials he is given in order to discover Artigas' features he finds the notes of an old Spanish spy, Anibal Larra, hired by the Argentine triumvir to kill Artigas for refusing to succumb to the dominance of Buenos Aires. At the time. Artigas was hiding out in Ayui, to the north of what is known today as Uruguay. Blanes understands what the feature that defines his portrait is: a utopia that went further then what his contemporaries ever imagined.


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