Wednesday 25 March | 8pm

Raucously funny comedy. Directed by Thomas Monckton & Sanna Silvenoinen.

The Pianist is a hilarious comedy based on, in, under and around the grand piano. Comedian Thomas Monckton plays a concert pianist whose recital is a catastrophe from the beginning. Brought to you by Finnish Circus Company Circo Aereo, featuring flying chandeliers, exploding pianos and crazy acrobatics, this hilarious work features a concert pianist who is so focused on impressing everyone that before he realises it, his show has transformed from the highbrow concert he hoped for, into absolute bedlam. You will shriek in delight as accidents and mishaps follow each other in rapid succession as this lovable acrobat takes on the grand piano and everything that can go wrong goes wrong – hard and fast.

Presented by Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in association with Show Pony with support from Creative New Zealand.


Gillies Group Theatre

Tickets: $20 Adult | $18 Friends Concession