Late Nite Sound Bite

Last Thursday of the Month | 7pm - 9pm

25 May | 29 June | 27 July | 31 August | 28 September | 26 October

Late Nite Sound Bite is a once a month late night opening on the last Thursday of the month with fresh NZ music and all galleries, cafe and shop open until 9pm. Entry is by Koha and it is casual/family friendly.


25 May | Mehana Balkan, Gypsy


Rotary Foyer

Koha Entry



Mehana is a 5-piece ensemble with a unique repertoire influenced by traditional Balkan and gypsy music styles. Their rich and colourful melodies have curious rhythms, gently blending with local musical culture. Their music expresses emotion, vitality and beauty. Prepare to dance, sing and feel your heart move, as Mehana's sounds from the Balkans reach in and touch your soul. If you're not from the Balkans, get ready to discover that you too have some gypsy blood in you! In this concert they will evoke a multicultural map using the musical traditions of different origins from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia.

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